Warning signs of a killer in the making


The investigation continues into the motives behind Ahmad Rahami’s recent terrorist attacks in New York and New Jersey.

Many are asking what pushed another “lone wolf” to kill.

Some officials said warning signs of a killer in the making may start as early as childhood.

The bombings left residents grappling with devastation.

Now the country is wondering how someone can grow into a killer.

“Helplessness – that’s a lot of what you’re getting from these kids that turn to this route,” childcare specialist Crystal Rice explained. “It’s a sense of helplessness. Whether or not it’s anger at their classmates, whether or not it’s anger at the world, whatever it is, it’s a sense of helplessness that they have.”

People that commit crimes usually show signs of violent tendencies when they are very young.

They distance themselves from friends and family.

“You want to get them socially engaged again,” Rice said. “A lot of times, the reason kids go down this path is because they get into their heads and there’s nobody there to counter what they have to say.”

Some other warning signs include isolation or violent tendencies.

“What you really want to start looking for is extremist thinking,” Rice said. “The kid that starts talking about nobody understands this, or nobody gets that or these people have to be hurt.”

That is a big red flag.

If your child or someone you know is experiencing repeated bad behavior or thoughts of isolation, seek help immediately.

A therapist is a good place to start, but officials say clinics and childcare centers at colleges, churches or religious groups can help as well.

The question remains: Is a killer born? Or made?

“What I tend to find [is] people go to acts of violence because they either have past, unresolved trauma or they tend to feel that extremism is the only way to get their point across,” Rice said.

As for the New York/New Jersey terrorist bomber, officials said his father told the FBI two years ago that he suspected his son was a terrorist.

The father later downplayed his concern, so no further interviews were conducted.

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