Walk MD Day celebrated statewide, encourages physical activity


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared Wednesday “Walk MD Day,” encouraging Maryland residents to get out and get an extra 10 minutes.

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise for most people, young and old.

“We have always promoted walking as an easy way that most everyone can do to get active, whether it’s [during] your work day or taking walks with your family in the evening,” said Jenny Fleming, Executive Director of HEAL, Washington County. (Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyles)

According to the American Heart Association, research shows that walking 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of heart disease and helps maintain a healthy body weight.

“Being sedentary can have a lot of ill effects on your health,” Fleming said. “Not only can physical inactivity lead to obesity, but other related diseases like heart disease and diabetes. So it’s really important that you find different easy ways to get active throughout the day.”

Understanding this, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared Oct. 5 as “Walk MD Day.’

“I think in everyone’s busy lifestyles we sometimes forget that we need to incorporate physical activity,” Fleming said. “It seems like common sense but I think that having these certain days to recognize the importance helps wake up a lot of us to say ‘hey, you know what, I’m probably sitting around too much staring at the computer.’”

Here in Washington County, there is no shortage of scenic locations to get out on your lunch break and get some fresh air; from City Park to Fairgrounds Park.

“I think that our community, especially in the Hagerstown area, [has] such a wealth of places we can go and walk that are very beautiful and scenic,” Fleming said.

Set to open this fall, the Hagerstown Cultural Trail is in its final stages of brick paving and lighting installation. This addition to the city will give local residents another option to get active this fall.

“The city has progressively added different opportunities, and we’re really excited that the cultural trail is being kicked off as well,” Fleming said. “I think the more opportunities [there are, then] the more ways people can get out and get active in an area that might be convenient for them.”

Local organizers across the state held Walk MD Day events including a walk right here in Washington County at Fairgrounds Park.

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