Veteran uses woodworking skills to give to other veterans


While Veterans Day has passed, one veteran is making it his goal to continue to give back to other vets all year long in a very unique way. 

Jeffrey Kyle, a veteran, but also a cabinetmaker by day.  A few years ago he thought he’d take his skill set and put it to other uses, like giving back to other veterans by way of the American flag.

“It stands for so much, so many people fought, and died for it. The fact that I do love woodworking, I thought you know what, let’s just make some American flags,” said Jeffrey Kyle. 

Instead of letting scrap pieces of wood go to landfills, Kyle was collecting them and bringing them to his garage, which is now a workshop, allowing him to make flags for veterans groups all over Western Maryland and the Eastern Panhandle.

“I thought you know why not I thought I’d make some American flags, donate them, they can raffle them off, earn some little income for donations,” said Kyle. 

Kyle says seeing veterans reactions to the flag is a big part of the reason why he donates a lot of the flags all over the region. The flags are special to them. 

“I think most veterans appreciate the American flag, they have that true Americanism in their heart, that patriotism and the flag helps push that along,” said Kyle. 

These flags hang at seven different American Legion chapters in the area. A symbol of gratitude towards all veterans. 

Kyle welcomes any and all specific flag requests from veterans in Western Maryland and the Eastern Panhandle. 

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