Tropical storm Ida causes over 80 road closures in Frederick County


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Tropical storm Ida hit some places in Maryland hard, and some residents are not out of the woods yet.

According to the National weather service, the flood warning continues in Maryland — especially in Frederick, where fire and rescue units reported 83 road closures.

On Wednesday morning, rain along with severe flooding made its way through Frederick County.

According to Frederick County Fire and Rescue, units responded to 20 water rescue calls, 44 flooding conditions service calls and 13 car accidents.

While taking students home after school, a Frederick County school bus got stuck in a swarm of water. Officials say they quickly took action and were able to rescue all passengers, but FCPS wants parents to know students’ safety is the school’s main priority.

Dr. Eric Louers – Phillips, Acting Executive Director of Public Affairs for FCPS, stated:

We made the best decision possible based on the information we had at the time when the weather ticket unexpectedly turned the way that it did. We made the call, based off of the information we got from our Sheriff’s Department, to have buses returned to the school, what we are doing right now is investigating exactly what happened from that investigation, it will determine what steps need to be taken, taken to continue to support and prepare drivers for future events like that happened.

The flooding goes beyond just buses. According to Frederick County Fire and Rescue, units responded to 20 water rescue calls, 44 flooding service calls, and over ten car accidents all due to the storm. Officials say during floods like this residents need to remember one important rule, turn around and don’t drown.

According to officials, the main cause of death during a storm is people becoming trapped in their vehicles while trying to drive through water. Experts say drivers should never try to drive through large bodies of water.

However, residents say Frederick has been flooding for years, and they hope county and city officials will develop a new plan.

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