Tractor trailer catches fire on I-81, burning 8 vehicles along with it


Firefighters scrambled to put out multiple burning cars with exploding tires after a tractor trailer carrying eight vehicles went up in flames on Saturday night around midnight.

They said flames weren’t the only thing flying from the trailer.

Senior Firefighter of Maugansville Goodwill Volunteer Fire Company, Trevor Snodderly, said, “The tractor trailer tires as we were arriving on scene were actually exploding  and flying into the median.”

The smoke could be seen for miles.

“We actually had to put on our masks and everything because the smoke was so bad,” said Snooderly.

And debris covered the interstate.

Assistant Fire Chief of Maugansville Goodwill Volunteer Fire Company, Sam Anderson, said, “It was just everything that fell directly underneath as it was melting plastic and stuff like that.”

There were no injuries in the accident, but firefighters said dealing with the multiple burning vehicles was no easy feat.

“I never had tires personally fly at me so that was a little scary when the tire exploded and came right at me,” said Snooderly.

“And the pressure builds up in the tire itself, it will just blow off the seal and it’s just a very big loud bang so that’s what everyone was hearing in the neighborhoods,” said Anderson.

The most important thing in a situation like this is putting out the fire and keeping it contained.

“The big thing here is we have a lack of water since we’re on the interstate so we need a lot of water to put this fire out,” said Anderson.

With ten water tankers on the scene, the trailer fire was no match for the firefighters.

Firefighters say they respond to tractor trailer fires a few times a year.

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