Town of Smithsburg addresses mowing stormwater swell


Rain has been a setback in resolving the problem

SMITHSBURG, Md. (WDVM) — Smithsburg residents were concerned with the overgrown stormwater swell on Geiser Road, which they referred to as a swamp, but that problem is being addressed.

The town manager and public works staff have been coming in daily to assess the situation.The town has also been working with a contractor who mows in the area to get the path cut down.

Along with being mowed, the swell and the surrounding housing in the community were sprayed with a mosquito application to resolve the concern that the residents had.

“We are progressively been making some headway as it dries out. It’s not that we haven’t been trying to do anything, it’s just that we couldn’t do anything is what it comes down to. Believe me we have been trying daily to get in here with weed eaters and they just sink, so that is no good,” said Jack Kesselring, mayor of Smithsburg. The mowing began this week as it has finally been dry enough to start the process, since rain has previously been a set back.

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