Tips to beat skin damage in winter months


The freezing temperatures and cold winds are damaging to our skin.

Cold weather causes dry skin — and dry skin can lead to flares in eczema and psoriasis and even a breakout in acne.

Treatment and prevention can start with mild soaps and moisturizers, but if conditions worsen, specialists recommend seeing a dermatologist that can prescribe medicine to treat more serious cases. 

Doctors also recommend using mild cleansers like Dove and Cetaphil and remind everyone to moisturize your skin a little more during this time of year.

It is also suggested by professionals to use sunscreen in the winter.

Erik Hurst, a Hagerstown dermatologist tells us, “The sun rays are causing damage whether it is warm or cold, especially if you are out skiing. It is important on the sun-exposed areas to get that sunscreen on. “

Another tip is to use an ointment or vaseline as an alternative to chapstick.

Specialists say chapstick feels good on your lips initially, but actually causes a long term drying effect on the lips.

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