The U.S Department of Agriculture are reminding the public of food safety


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many people will be attempting to make delicious meals but the U.S Department of Agriculture wants to remind the public of the importance of food safety.

According to the CDC, each year millions of Americans get sick from foodborne illness, resulting in over 100,000 hospitalizations and about 3,000 deaths.

Experts say with Thanksgiving approaching it is important to be able to tell if your food is undercooked to prevent illness.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, the best way to check the readiness of meat, such as a turkey, is by using a thermometer. It is recommended that turkey is cooked until it reaches about 165°F. Experts say you can test the temperature by inserting a thermometer into the thickest part of the thigh, without hitting the bone.

Meredith Carothers, USDA Food Safety Expert stated:

“When cooking a turkey, it’s important to check three places, such as the innermost part of the wing, the innermost part of the thigh, and the biggest part of the breast. It’s important to check those places because turkeys are large, and they can cook unevenly.”

USDA experts also recommend spending additional time washing your hands to ensure you are not transmitting any germs directly to food.

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