The signs and symptoms of pet summer allergies


WASHINGTON, (WDVM) — With the warm weather in full effect many people are spending more time outdoors with their furry friends, however, veterinarians say many people don’t realize summer is one of the most significant times animals battle allergies, and experts want to make sure pet owners recognize the signs. 

Veterinarians say this is the time of the year where owners tend to take their pets on hikes, beach trips, and other outdoor spaces, however, this can lead to your animal, mostly dogs developing allergies. 

If you notice your pet has water eyes, or they are itching and licking themselves more frequently, it can be a sign of allergies.

Experts say pet allergies can be triggered by grass, fleas, ticks, and more, and if left untreated experts it can lead to infection. 

“A lot of people don’t think about this but a lot of animals are allergic to fleas, and when they spent a lot of time outdoors they become more at risk for fleas. If you see your pet chewing, especially under the back area, that is most likely a flea allergy, and it only takes one flea bite for pets to itch for weeks afterward,” said Karen Nelson, a shelter veterinarian.

Experts say ways to help reduce allergies include:

  1. Baths after long days outdoors 
  2. Supplement your dog’s diet.
  3. Ask your local vet for treatments
  4. Act quickly if you notice your dog is wheezing and develops skin rashes

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