The I-95 Virginia snow and ice disaster: what if all that traffic was electric?


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — We keep hearing the horror stories from motorists earlier this week who were trapped on Interstate 95 in Virginia from all that snow and ice.

Some have thought about what if — what if — those motorists were stranded in these conditions, say, a decade from now, when electric vehicles might well be our dominant form of highway transportation. For one — a call to Triple-A road service won’t be for that gallon can of gas; it will be for a five-minute portable charge to get you to a roadside charging station.

Mike Sokol, a Hagerstown, Maryland-based electrical safety expert, predicts in the era of EV’s, cars and trucks will be autonomous and will be able to avoid weather-related accidents.

“If you have autonomous drivers and they know where every other vehicle is, you avoid these kinds of crashes because you know up in front of you, no matter what the weather is, what the vehicles in front of you are doing, you know the weather conditions. If they tell everybody to slow down to 30 miles an hour they slow everybody down to 30 miles an hour,” said Sokol.

Car and truck manufacturers are furiously rushing this new technology to market with a Ford F-150 Lightning model about to roll out to market. GM’s new electric Silverado will have a driving range of roughly 400 miles.

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