The dangers of parking in front of fire hydrants and fire lanes


No one can predict when a fire will break out, so fire fighters are reminding the public that parking in fire lanes and in front of fire hydrants is not only illegal but also impacts their ability to do their job. 

Police give out tickets to those who park in fire lanes and in front of hydrants, and repeating offenders might even get their vehicles towed.

However, this doesn’t always stop people from parking in these “No parking” spots.

There are also colored lines on the curb. Red means no parking. Yellow lines indicate stopping only long enough to unload or load passengers. 

Those who park by these marked lines and aren’t stopping only for a brief moment can also create an issue if fire crews need to access these spots. 

Steve Lohr, Fire Chief for the City of Hagerstown, “Obviously if we go to a reported fire in someones home, a strip shopping center or a commercial building, the fire hydrant is the source of our water to fight the fire. We need immediate and continuous access to the area around that hydrant and if it’s blocked, it stops us from establishing a water supply.”

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, taking advantage of parking where you aren’t supposed to can impede the work of local firemen who are trying to access hydrants when there is a fire.

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