Texting and driving least prevalent in Maryland


A new study shows that out of all 50 states, texting while driving among teens is the least prevalent in Maryland. 

Perhaps that is why Maryland is also the third toughest state to obtain your driver’s license in, being one of the only states in our area that require a drivers education program. Our neighboring states, Pennsylvania and West Virginia do not. Just because the teens aren’t all texting and driving, doesn’t mean it still is not an issue.

Texting and driving is still a major issue both nationally and statewide. 

Maryland texting laws are considered primary laws. 

Even checking texts at a red light is prohibited in the state and police officers can pull you over for violating this offense. 

Although safety is strongly enforced against using a cell phone while operating a vehicle, texting while driving is still the cause of many accidents in Maryland every year. 

Dean Hamburg, co-owner of Allegany Driving school of Washington County, said, “Your focus needs to be on the road 100 percent and by looking at the phone for even one second, you can cross the center line and cause a head-on collision and we know that worldwide the number one crash is a head-on collision and that leads to deaths.”

A reminder that all distractions endanger drivers, passengers and pedestrians. When you are using a hand-held phone, you are not only holding and looking at it, but you are texting, dialing, listening and thinking about that conversation.

The cost of a ticket for texting and driving varies from state to state, but in Maryland the fine can be up to $500. You can get pulled over by police for violating this offense.  

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