St. John’s Lutheran Church held their annual community Thanksgiving dinner


Thursday afternoon the St. John’s Lutheran church was packed as people from around town came to enjoy a free Thanksgiving meal.

For the last few years, the church has also delivered meals to people in need.

“We took over about four years ago and since then, the beginning we had 60 deliveries. Now this year we had 133 deliveries for people who are disabled who are unable to get here and that kind of stuff,” said a member of the church, Sharon Betson.

Volunteers from the Iron Order Motorcycle Club decided to spend a few hours making deliveries all across town.

“We’re about helping the community and helping everybody out and trying to be there for people and we’ll keep on doing it MBM, my brother for me,” said a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, Pappa Rage.

Their first delivery of the day was to Walnut Towers where they went to the different floors giving residents food they ordered.

John Wolff is a diabetic who says he’s thankful to have a good meal this Thanksgiving.

“We get this and we’re very blessed for it, a lot of people look forward to this,” said John Wolff.

Members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club also made deliveries to the Alexander House and the Salvation Army.

Some members say they have been volunteering for the last two years and say they get enjoyment knowing they’re making a difference for someone this Thanksgiving.

“It’s a sense of fulfillment helping the community out and helping people with things that they wouldn’t be able to have,” said a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, Diggs.

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