Spring allergies in full bloom


Spring allergies are in full bloom and one in five Americans are going to be affected by them this year. 

As flowers are blooming and pollen is in the air, noses are running and eyes are watering. 

Those are a few common symptoms of spring allergies.

Doctors tell us that this could be the worst year yet for allergies, but you can take Benadryl, Clariton and other over the counter medicine if you are prone to suffering from pollen and other springtime allergens. 

“The way these medicines work is that they help to prepare the body and the cells that cause allergies ahead of time before the exposure comes. They work best when they are done preventative, opposed to when you start having your allergy symptoms, ” said Dr. Mutsa Nyakabau, of Family Healthcare of Hagerstown. 

If over the counter medicine doesn’t work, you can contact your medical provider, so they can prescribe other medicines to help ease allergy symptoms. 

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