South Washington County floods repair update, one year later


It’s been one year since the Southern part of Washington County experience heavy rainfall in May 2018.

Fast forward to May 2019, and county officials believe a great amount of road repair has been completed.

Direct of Engineering, Scott Hobbs, shares repair efforts since a State of Emergency was declared May 16, 2018 and heavy rainfall left areas in Sharpsburg with severely damaged roads.

 “Hoffmaster Road, Harpers Ferry Road and Chestnut Grove Road were all repaired in a short amount of time,” Hobbs said.

As of now, the many other projects continue to undergo construction. Hobbs reports that the cost of these road projects altogether is over $4 million. 

R. David Hays, director of emergency services, reflects on the progress Washington County has made since the floods.

“Looking back on a year behind that, our county stands proud of our efforts and that’s through all aspects of county government,” Hays said.

Hays also noted the communication between emergency services and it’s an improvement since the events. He attributed FirstNet as being an aid while rescue efforts were going on during last May.

WDVM reported last year that the following roadways have been affected and are impassable due to high water, debris, or physical roadway damage: 

Chestnut Grove Road

Back Road

Valley Road

Grist Mill Road

Garrett’s Mill Road

Reed Road

Yarrowsburg Road

Old Yarrowsburg Road

Mount Lock Hill Road

Lime Kiln Road

Hoffmaster Road

Keep Tryst Road

Chestnut Grove Road

Harpers Ferry Road

Taulton Lane

Gapland Road

Frog Eye Road

Shaff Road

Norstar Lane

Boetler Road

Townsend Road

Brown Road

Brownsville Road

Basswood Road

Kaetzel Road

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