Some Washington County residents rally against socialism

All over the country to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Tea Party movement, Tea Party Patriots held Stop Socialism, Choose Freedom rallies to encourage Americans to stay away from socialism.
On Monday, along West Washington street in Hagerstown you could see people holding up American flags and signs encouraging drivers to turn away from socialism. 

“We’re concerned that the push we have right now towards socialism may actually damage our country and actually hurt our freedom and our economic well being,” said James Coyle, a Maugansville resident.
Many at the protest believe the countries that have socialism are failing.
“All you have to do is look at what’s happening in Venezuela. I mean it’s one of the richest countries in South America and now it’s on its knees,” said Coyle.
“Especially in South America and Africa when socialist, communist, Marxist countries come into existence, they end up with a dictator. I’m not willing to live under a dictator,” said Cindy, a Hagerstown resident.
Republican Del. Neil Parrott joined the protesters in the fight against socialism. He believes capitalism is the way to go in order to have a thriving economy. 
“The idea of pulling people down, so we can get the poor richer that just doesn’t happen that way, unfortunately. We need to allow everyone the chance to succeed. Everyone to be able to have that free market where they can go out and invest and take risks and make the money they’re trying to make,” said Parrott.
Del. Parrott says in Maryland, people are already taxed way too much.
“Taxes are necessary for certain things, but when you’re overtaxing one class, a people and class taxation, that’s not really what our founders of our country had in mind, and it’s certainly not fair,” said Parrott.

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