Smithsburg High School hosted 400 students for their Farm Fun Day


Smithsburg High School hosted their Farm Fun Day Friday to teach their kids the importance of agriculture.

Smithsburg FFA students invited over 400 elementary school kids to teach them the importance of agriculture in our community. According to Smithsburg’s FFA Advisor Lee Ruark, the biggest industry in Maryland is in fact, agriculture.

“A lot of the little kids, when you ask where does food come from they say the supermarket, but there’s no thought process beyond the supermarket,” said Ruark. “So it’s good for them to actually come out here and see their food comes from farms, people raise these animals and they come from farms and they work on them every day. The “Ag” industry is actually the largest industry in Maryland.”

Smithsburg’s FFA President Lindsey Aughinbaugh has been a part of the agricultural industry her whole life and wanted to stress that she thinks our culture doesn’t realize how much peoples lives would change if the agricultural industry wasn’t around.

“The milks, the eggs, the vegetables they eat, they just wouldn’t have that stuff without the “Ag” industry and it’s just super important to me because it is dying to just bring it back and show people this is what our world needs and you can’t shut it down because everybody needs it, everybody would go hungry and die without it,” said Aughinbaugh. “You know I have kids ask me ‘what is this animal’ and it’s a cow and it’s crazy to me they don’t know what a cow is, so it’s cool to me that they’re learning and heartwarming to see them have a great time and their smiles, it’s just a great feeling.”

Ruark wanted to ask everybody one specific question.

“When people say “Oh AG isn’t important anymore, you need to be in electronics, biomedical’ and they’re great industries, but if you ask any AG teacher that question, the first thing they’re going to ask is ‘do you eat?’” said Ruark. “So it’s important to everybody regardless of the job you may have, that’s kind of how we help make that point.”

FFA students, staff and the kids said they had a great time and loved getting a chance to see those animals up close.

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