Shippensburg University sets Guinness World Record for simultaneous self check for testicular cancer

Nov. 6, 2017 was a memorable night at Shippensburg University. There were 236 men who took part in a self check of their testicles for testicular cancer. It was an attempt to break a Guinness Book World Record. 

“It was the largest simultaneous self-check for testicular cancer. We got 236 guys to come out, most of them were from Greek life and it was an incredible event,” said Jason Greenspan,” organizer of the world record attempt.
Greenspan is a testicular cancer survivor and is an alum of the institution. He says the pervious record was set at 208. He recently found out from Guinness that they broke the record.

“So, when I found out that we got the Guinness world record I got it in an email. It said ‘approved.’ And it was right when I woke up. I was so happy, you can’t even imagine,” said Greenspan.
On Thursday, Greenspan, along with the university, celebrated the occasion. Greenspan presented Shippensburg University President Laurie Carter with the plaque.

“Testicular cancer is not something that many college students think about. So, for them to have the awareness for them to come out and support the event was very meaningful,” said Dr. Carter. 
For Greenspan, he is happy the school was able to set a new Guinness Book World Record, but was even happier he was able to raise awareness about testicular cancer.
“It’s the most common type of cancer in males ages 15 to 44, and it’s 99 percent curable if detected early, so it’s really important that everyone does self check once a month,” said Greenspan.

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