Senior citizens celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day in Hagerstown

Wednesday is National Senior Health and Fitness Day, and for many older adults it’s a time to get motivated. 
Adult seniors were up and moving in a strength training class at the Washington County Commission of Aging in Hagerstown. Officials say the classes at the senior center generally help most senior citizens who develop arthritis. On National Senior Health and Fitness Day, the senior center is getting these folks pumped.
“It makes me push further than I have been because I’m very limited,” Pat Hansson, Hagerstown resident.
Pat Hansson of Hagerstown says she has really bad arthritis. She says she hasn’t had the chance to exercise until she came here to the center two months ago.
“The exercise I’m hoping will help me get some strength back so that I can do a few of the things that I used to love like gardening,” said Hansson.
“It’s nice to be here. A lot of people and we get to meet new friends and some social groups have formed,” said Barbara Mader. 
This lively group did anything from weight training to balance exercises. Senior citizens we spoke to say it’s a lot more than maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
“Surprisingly I found that the exercise classes not only offer the exercise, but offer a lot of social involvement and to be honest I think that’s more important at this particular time,” said John Doherty, 69.
For these seniors, they are doing what they can now to live their best lives.
“I’m just trying to keep myself in as best shape I can for as long as I can,” said Hansson. 
Senior center officials say they are planning to add a spinning class. If you are interested in taking a class, there is a waitlist so sign up soon here.

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