Senator Manchin and Capito hold different views regarding Amy Coney Barrett being Confirmed to the Supreme Court


WASHINGTON, ( WDVM ) — Controversy follows the decision to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

In light of the decision, Senator Manchin and Senator Capito both held press conferences to express their views.

Manchin was not in favor of this decision, while Capito showed full support.

Barrett, who is 48, will be taking the seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and although Manchin and Capito are not in agreement, both parties hope America will be able to stand together as one despite their differences.

Senator Shelley Capito stated:

“We’re moving now as to whether she has the abilities, and the credentials to be a Supreme Court Justice and I think she proved that quite well.”

Although Senator Manchin is not in agreement, he expressed that no matter the decision, everyone needs to work together to build a better nation.

“We go down this path, and it seems that there will be no return, but I can assure you, on November 4th, we better have a plan of returning to civility. No matter who the winner is,” Manchin said.

According to, Barrett is the fifth woman ever confirmed to the court.

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