Residents voice concerns over the zoning of Hebb Road


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — At the 90th special session, residents of Hebb Road filled the city council chambers, voicing concerns in regards to the proposed amendments for the city’s comprehensive plan.

“The comprehensive plan is a long-range planning document for the city, where in addition to recommending future zoning for lands in the property, it also recommends community facilities and housing and water and sewer and all that,” said Kathleen Maher, director of the planning commission, who says the amendments are being proposed as a result of changes made to the comprehensive rezoning plan.

“And because there were so many changes,” said Maher, “The plan needed to change in order to make those changes in the comprehensive rezoning.”

And when discussing the amendments, the planning commission revealed that the area along Hebb Road was designated as a high-density zone when it was annexed back in 1978.

The residents attending the hearing told the council that they would rather have the area be rezoned into a medium-density zone because they say that area cannot handle development.

“I just think the area cannot handle it,” said Mark Bishop, “The traffic cannot handle it. And things like you said sir, times have changed. I don’t think anyone thought in ’74 ’78 that Hagerstown is going to be the town it is today.”

However, an attorney representing the contract purchaser who’s property resides along Hebb Road, argues the area should not be rezoned into medium-density due to a growing interest in the area from outside developers.

“That interest from prospective buyers and developers may be the reason why people now perceive that this is happening,” said Jason Divelbiss, “But again, I want to reiterate that there are no plans, the property is not under contract. There is nothing imminent as we sit here this evening.”

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