Residents are left cleaning up broken trees after a major storm hits Smithsburg


Residents say this is most damage they have seen hit their town in a long time

SMITHSBURG, Md. (WDVM) — Residents in Smithsburg are left cleaning up debris after a severe storm wreaked havoc overnight Thursday.

Whipping winds and rain ripped down trees, powerlines and more Thursday night in Smithsburg. There were trees laying on homes and debris laying scattered across the road. Residents say this is most damage they have seen hit their town in a long time.

“I have never seen this much damage before,” Amy Kimberlin said, a resident.

Some residents said the powerful winds made it feel like a tornado. The storm was powerful enough to uproot trees from backyards. WDVM’S weather team kept close eyes on the storm and explains where the severe thunderstorm stemmed from.

“Just from looking at the radar data, it’s more of a microburst event rather than a tornado,” Adam Rutt said, a meteorologist.

A microburst can appear through a thunderstorm. When wind is able to touch the ground it can spread itself out producing a “gust front” where damage can fan out from the point of impact.

“It’s a focused area of damage that comes down with a rapidly intensifying storm,” Rutt said.

Residents say the damage was so heavy that it may take some time to clean up.

“I think we were all pretty lucky, and it’s just going to be a heck of a mess to clean up for a little while,” Kimberlin said. Following the storm, no injuries have been reported. Crews will be out picking up the damaged trees to keep roads clear for traffic.

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