Problems resulting from rainfall is costing money


With an increased amount of rainfall this year, utilities and businesses are seeing that this weather is costing them more money. 

Last year at this point, Hagerstown experienced 16 inches of rainfall, making it the second wettest year in the city’s history.

So far this year, there has been over 20 inches of rain.

Regarding wastewater treatment plants in Washington County, the increased rain that is getting into the plants, cost millions for them to update. 

“Our flows from 2017 to 2018, the overall flows in the entire system were 30% higher and that 30% is almost entirely because of the increase in I and I, inflow and infiltration, which is  directly related to the amount of rainfall,” said Dan Divito, director of Environmental Management in Washington County. 

Currently they are upgrading the Smithsburg plant from reaching flow capacity. The Conococheague plant was just upgraded at it cost about $30 million. 

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