Preparation tips for homeowners before the next snowstorm


WASHINGTON, (WDVM) — This year’s first snowstorm may have brought some joy to residents with snowball fights and hot cocoa, but for some homeowners, if you’re not prepared, the snow can leave significant damages to your home. 

Some residents took to Facebook to express their grievances for the snow, explaining how the snowstorm damaged their roofs and caused leaks as the snow was melting.

Home safety experts say that residents should clean out the gutters to avoid ice dams before it snows again. Ice dams cause water to build up under the roof and freeze. When these pesky things finally melt, residents typically experience water damage and mold. 

Experts also say, If the water within your pipes freeze, the pipes can break and explode, potentially causing massive damage. To avoid this hazard, it is recommended to drain any water from outside faucets and sprinkler systems.

Before the next snowstorm, residents should remove any damaged or hazardous tree branches hanging over their homes. Safety specialists say in the event of a storm, the wind or ice can make branches break or fall, which can potentially cause harm to property or, worse, a person.

Dr. Ian Giammanco, a lead research meteorologist at the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), stated:

“To deal with some of those water-related problems, it’s important to know where that water shut-off valve is in your home and know if you need a tool to turn that water valve off. That can save you an awful lot of money.”

Home experts also recommend calling a professional chimney cleaner to clean out debris that can cause damage during the winter.

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