Power Over Pain: Physical therapists work to help with opioid epidemic


Washington Goes Purple is the theme of September, helping people with different drug addictions. Now a local physical therapy group is taking the theme to an extreme. 

Waking up each day with pain all over your body isn’t the easiest thing and dealing with it is hard, so that’s why many like Jarvis Brooks resorted to medication, until he discovered the Power Over Pain program at Parkway Neuroscience and Spinal Institute.  

“This program basically gives you a reset to your mindset. Not medicate, but educate,” said Brooks. 

Program Director Virginia Heard said the program was designed to educate patients and show alternative ways to lessen pain.

“What we realized is a lot of these patients just don’t seem to have a good understanding of their pain and how to best treat their pain,” said Heard. 

Although the program focuses on educating patients, it also teaches patients different exercises to help alleviate their pain. Brooks said he was over 300 lbs when he started the program and has lost weight along with some of the pain. 

“I have become more active, my body is moving a lot more, and so it’s been really great, and it all started with this program,” said Brooks. 

Brooks’ story is a testament of why they started this program, by letting people know they have the control. 

“They feel some control over it now as opposed to someone just fixing the problem, because they are a main stakeholder in their own care and pain management,” said Doctor Neil O’Malley. 

Brooks said people who are going through the pain need to try this program, because you have nothing to lose. 

“It’s all a reset on how to live your life and that’s the thing, we only get it once, and with that you want to make it the best you possibly can,” said Brooks. 

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