POLL: 34 percent of U.S. parents will not give their child a flu shot


Following a nationwide poll on children’s health conducted by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, 34 percent of parents in the United States do not plan on giving their child a vaccination for the 2018 and 2019 flu season.

In Hagerstown, some parents feel hesitant with giving their child a flu shot.

“We decided to just hold off because, again, we’re not sure of it’s effectiveness. we’ve heard of it actually not working. also the side effects. also the ingredients,” said Ajoya Long.

For Long, she understands that advancements in medicine are beneficial to many. However, she grew worried after reading about instances where children showed bad reactions to shots.

“And that really worried me as a parent because of him being so young and his immune system is not fully developed and not the strongest,” Long said.

A local pediatrician in Hagerstown understands that parents are worried about the health of their children.

“As a pediatrician, my concern is the well being and safety of children. Which is why when I meet parents, I am assuming that it’s the same perspective that they have, and even more so because they are invested in the future and well being of their children,” said Dr. Nyakabau

Dr. Nyakabau says that young children are the most susceptible to the influenza virus, and he recommends that children six months of age receive a flu shot.

“In fact, a lot of the children last year who were hospitalized or had serious consequences from influenza were the children who were not vaccinated,” said Dr. Nyakabau.

But for Long, she just appreciates that her son has been healthy.

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