Petition created to get more internet options in Washington County


Smithsburg residents have started a petition called ‘Stop Antietam Cable’s Monopoly.’

The petition was started because residents feel there is no competition for high-speed internet in Washington County.

The county’s standard contract with Antietam for the right to easement is up in May. It is an agreement that allows customers to connect to Antietam’s lines and the contract will more than likely be renewed.

There has been concern about finding other options for reliable broadcast companies due to cost, connectivity and reliability.

Donnie Souders, councilmember for the town of Smithsburg said, “All we can do is voice their concern, raise the issue that it is not fair that there is a single monopoly. It has been that way for a while.  My understanding is that the program locally has been dropped, but they are still charging some of the same fees or collecting some of the same fees that they have over the past years. The company is getting fat off the customer but the customer has no choice.”

Residents with concerns are encouraged to share their thoughts at the county level and state levels. 

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