Parents seeking help of getting kids “Back to Reality”


"Changing from summer fun to back to school can be difficult and emotionally hard for kids & their families."

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– The summer months have been filled with fun pool days and outdoor adventures for kids, but soon it all comes to an end when school goes back into session. Local caretakers and parents sought out advice from one another at USMH’s Parent Cafe’s “Back to Reality” session Monday morning.

“The biggest struggle is the transition itself,” said Parent Cafe’ Facilitator Joan Balbuena. “It’s going from being in an unplanned, fun schedule back to the routine of eight to three. You’re going to be out of home, be with a teacher you don’t know yet and it’s all about getting them ready back into that process.”

According to popular health website Very Well, pieces of advice for families returning to school are simple: start 2-3 weeks before school getting your kid up early and going to bed at a decent time to reinforce a new schedule. Also, have important conversations with your child about their feelings and thoughts about the upcoming changes.

“Things that I was concerned about like thinking I was doing it wrong or I’m failing at something and hearing other moms and dads and their experiences that went through the same things I went through, and realizing I’m not failing,” said Washington County Parent Nadine Williams. “I need to just take my time and not be hard on myself. I’ve been a fabulous aunt for years and I love that title, I used to have the kids all the time and we had fun but I gave them back. This one is mine and I can’t give him back.”

USMH  will be hosting future Parent Cafes’ each month.

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