One pastor wants to help break generational curses


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Many families suffer from generational curses. One pastor in Frederick County is making it his mission to help out.

“A curse is like a pattern that has been set for that family meaning everyone born in that family has to follow that pattern,” Apostle Clement Mbuyi, senior pastor of International Tree of Life Church, said.

Within some families, generational curses are the standard. And many people who experience generational curses believe they will not be able to break them.

“One in ten African-American students have either parent incarcerated, so it is something that has followed them in some sense,” Pastor Mbuyi said. Not only do African-Americans experience generational curses, Mbuyi clarified, saying other races do as well.

The pastor said he came up with this program about 12 years ago when he was on his spiritual journey.

During the sessions, he and his crew sit down with students and break down what curses their families may experience. They then start to pray for healing and walk through some ideas with the student about how to break those curses. But, Mbuyi said, the main power is prayer.

“We pray and we identified what the spiritual problem is by setting up the fasting and praying,” he continued.

If you are interested in joining one of the sessions, you can call their prayer line at (800) 671-3198 or visit their Facebook page.

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