October is national audiology awareness month and experts want to remind the public to protect your hearing


WASHINGTON, ( WDVM ) — Everyone’s hearing is different. Some people can hear noises that are quiet as a mouse, others may only hear noises that are close in proximity to them.

Regardless of what type of hearing you have, audiologist want to remind the public to protect your hearing at all times.

According to the National Institute of Health, over 20 million Americans have hearing loss and could benefit from using hearing aids.

Experts say the biggest mistake people make is thinking hearing loss only pertains to older people.

According to the World Health Organization, many young people between the ages of 12 to 35, are in danger of hearing loss, due to constant exposure of loud noise. Such as headphones. 

Audiologist say hearing loss can impact anyone, so it is crucial we all try to protect our hearing the best we can. 

 Dr. Laurel Christensen, Chief Audiology Officer of GN Hearing, stated:

“Its important to check in with your audiologist. There is evidence that suggest untreated hearing loss is linked to cognitive decline, dementia, greater falling risk, and people who have untreated hearing loss, can have higher incidence of depression, and anxiety. It’s really important to take that step to protect your hearing.”

The National Institute Of Health, reported men are more likely than women to experience hearing loss among adults aged 20 to 69.

Hearinglink.org recommends these tips to protect your hearing:

Use sound proof ear plugs: This can help reduce loud noises when you are out in public.

Be mindful of loud music: Playing music really loud, especially with headphones can cause damage to your ears over time.

Get Regular Hearing Checkups and Screenings: Its important to check in with your audiologist, especially if you are experiencing changes to your hearing

Be mindful of cleaning your ears: When using Q-tips, be gentle and do not clean your ears harshly.

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