Nonprofit Leader of the Year goes to Fort Ritchie Community Center


The Washington County Community Foundation is recognizing Buck Browning and his team at Fort Ritchie Community Center as the “Nonprofit Leader of the Year.”

The Fort Ritchie Community Center is coming up on its 10 year anniversary, and executive director Browning says continuing to meet people’s needs is what keeps the center going each year

“We improve lives. Whatever the community needs is what we need to be diligent about providing,” said Browning. 

Browning tells me although his name is on the award, it’s a group effort and that’s why he thinks the community center stands out amongst all of the other wonderful nonprofits in Washington County. Carrie Lowe Program Director says Browning promotes an all hands on deck environment. 

“We have little’s up to our seniors who like to volunteer to do things and it’s really neat to see how everyone comes together in unity, and gets the job done,” said Carrie Lowe. 

Director of Operations Connor Brown says Browning treats him like a family member and that’s a direct way they treat people who use their facilities. 

“The environment that he promotes as a leader definitely stems around being a family, and ultimately a community, true to the name of the business,” said Connor Brown. 

Though it is clear Browning is all about a team effort and didn’t want to take the full recognition for the award, but Brown says without him, the community center wouldn’t be recognized. 

“He ultimately is our leader and we work to support the community under his guidance and without the example he sets I don’t think it would be recognized,” said Brown.

Congratulations Buck Browning and the Fort Ritchie Community Center staff.

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