New report shows whitening strips may be harmful


According to a recent report by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, over-the-counter whitening strips may be harmful to teeth.

The report discovers that the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, is within teeth whitening strips.Teeth contain three layers, the outer enamel, an underlying dentin layer and connective tissue. Hydrogen peroxide is said to impact the dentin.

The American Dental Association says look for the seal of acceptance which means they have been tested for safety and effectiveness by the organization.

Dr. Sidney Cradduck who is a dentist at the Hagerstown Family Dental says to his knowledge, his patients haven’t experienced detrimental affects from using whitening strips.

“The downside is you know once you start whitening your teeth with the store, it gets more expensive over the course of time so it’s cheaper to do it in dental offices because you get a tray and material and a long-lasting material,” Cradduck said.

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