New poll shows Gov. Hogan has high approval rating, while President Trump has low rating in MD

Gonzales Research and Media Services has concluded that Maryland voters overall approve of Gov. Larry Hogan, but disapprove of President Donald Trump. The poll found that 77 percent of those surveyed approve of  Gov. Hogan, while only 34 percent of those surveyed approve of President Trump.
“In Maryland, Democrats outnumber Republicans better than 2 to 1 in voter registration. It is natural to assume that President Trump will do poorly in the state of Maryland,” said Ray Foltz Sr., president of the Washington County Republican Club.
Foltz says that if the poll was taken in Washington County, it would yield much different results. 

“If the poll was limited to Washington County, you would find that Trump would be much more highly approved of and Gov. Hogan because of many of his recent comments less so,” said Foltz. 
Gonzales polled 809 registered voters from across the state and across party lines.
Even among Democrats, Gov. Hogan had a 70 percent approval rating. Emily Keller, a Hagerstown councilwoman, who is a democrat, wasn’t surprised to hear the governor was liked by many Democrats.

“We want compromise, we want bipartisanship and I think Gov. Hogan has done a good job of doing that. I mean he has played middle of the road and stayed true to his campaign promises as being bipartisan,” said Keller.
Keller believes that when talking to Democrats locally many were disappointed in the president like the poll states.

“I don’t think the Democrats in this area are in favor of him. Not at all. I just think he has caused a lot of divide in this country and that’s not what we want,” said Keller. 
Keller and Foltz also both agreed that the partial government shutdown may have had an effect on the numbers in the polls.

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