New legislation prohibits black market adoption of children


U.S. lawmakers have introduced new legislation to prohibit black market selling of children.

Senators Cindy Hyde Smith, Shelley Moore Capito, Roger Wickers, Marsha Blackburn and Steve Daines introduced legislation to make it illegal to sell a child for any purpose.

The Keeping Infants Domestically Safe (KIDS) Act would implement federal law to outlaw the selling of minors for financial gain.

Hagerstown Police Department (HPD) Chief Paul Kifer believes implementing harsher penalties will aid in cracking down on sellers and buyers.

“I’m happy to see legislation being proposed and out there that’s giving higher penalties for people who get involved with this kind of activity,” Kifer said.

Kifer recently attended a meeting with a local advocacy agency that supports protecting children against being sold. As of this year, there has been a reported 17 cases of human trafficking/exploitation in according to HPD.

“I can tell you that these cases are very hard to prosecute and they’re very hard to prosecute because the victims don’t want to be victims so therefore we get a lot of victims that will not cooperate whether they’re youth or adults,” Kifer said.

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