New law in Maryland increases fine for passing stopped school bus


A new law in Maryland is increasing the fine for passing a stopped school bus. If pulled over by an officer for failing to stop for a school bus, the fine is $500.

There is also a camera on the stop sign that extends from a school bus which snaps a picture of drivers who illegally pass. The fine for that citation is $250.

Law enforcement officers hope that this newly passed legislation will help keep students getting on and off the bus, safe. 

“It’s important because of the safety of the children getting on and off the bus to deter to traffic, so they do stop. I guess with higher fines, more people are going to pay attention to what is going on. Hopefully, they stop anyway,” Scott Leeney, Sgt. with Hagerstown Police Department. 

Sergeant Leeney also added that highways are a bigger concern than two-way streets when it comes to vehicles passing school buses. 

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