Mother shares story of son’s suicide for awareness, prevention


The worst that can happen to a parent is losing a child to suicide. A Hagerstown mother shares her story to stop it from happening to another family.

Evelyn Corinthian sits in her home in Hagerstown, holding the military tags of her 33-year-old son Donreece Newman. She wears it everyday after her son took his life almost three years ago. His death, the beginning of a different way to prevent something like this from happening to others.

“He always said mommy, I don’t belong in this world. I don’t belong, I was ignorant of mental illness but if I had known what I know later,” said Corinthian.

Newman was a student at the Berkeley School of Business, served in the Navy and was moving up at a new job. She says he battled depression for more than half of his life, attempting on several occasions to take his life. Not knowing that December 8, 2015 would be the last time she’d see her son.

“One day, he took the whole bottle of my blood pressure pill and end up in the hospital dying,” said Corinthian.

Corinthian remembers back to happier times.

“He always go like this, mommy on my cheek. Yeah he would tease me sometimes,” said Corinthian.
She hopes to eliminate the stigma of mental health, and push for more resources in the mental health community. Even writing and dedicating a song for him, called “Momma Am All Prayed Out,” said Corinthian.

She says she still struggles with his death, but hopes her efforts stops it from happening to other families.

“We must take it serious. We must not think it can be prayed away or it will fade away. It will eventually lead to tragedies,” said Corinthian.

Corinthian currently works with an organization advocating for mental health support.

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