Montgomery County makes ammendments to Bill 36-20


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — The Montgomery County Transportation & Environment has decided to make recommendations on a bill about forest conservation. 

Expedited Bill 36-20 would:

(1) Apply the forest conservation law to two or more platted contiguous lots that
collectively total at least 40,000 square feet under certain circumstances;
(2) Modify provisions related to the preferred sequence for afforestation and reforestation,
forest mitigation banks, and in lieu fees to conform with state law;
(3) Exempt agricultural activities from the forest stand delineation and forest conservation
requirements only if the property remains in agricultural use;
(4) Exempt local government highway construction activities from forest stand
delineation and forest conservation requirements;
(5) Clarify that modifications requiring the approval of a conditional use/special exception
are not exempt from the forest stand delineation and forest conservation plan
(6) Require the approval of a tree save plan for any activity or development exempt from
the forest stand delineation or forest conservation land requirements if the activity
would impact a significant, specimen, or champion tree;
(7) Provide that an exemption granted expires after 5 years if development has not begun;
(8) Increase the length of the binding maintenance agreement required in forest
conservation plans;
(9) Alter the variance process; and
(10) Generally amend the Forest Conservation Law.

The bill is still in need of further amendments and clarification, but it will be presented to the full County Council soon.

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