UPDATE: Initial investigation in Red Line pull-apart finds loose bolts, damaged parts on coupler


Courtesy: Pete Piringer

UPDATE (12/2): The Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, WMATA and representatives from the coupler manufacturer held a review this week of the coupler assembly involved in last week’s pull apart.

Officials say there were five loose bolts on the top of the coupler assembly. One of the bolts, known as the “pinch bolt,” is designed to hold the draft bar (part of the coupler) in place. The other four bolts hold a guide rail in place that can help prevent the coupler assembly from rotating.

Officials say they also found damage on the coupler head. The screw-like threads on the draft bar and coupler head were reportedly worn, damaged, or flattened. Officials also say corrosion and contaminants were found on the threads of the coupler head.

Officials say the pull-apart did not happen for the same reason as the October 9 incident, where the gland nut (part of the coupler) was not properly torqued.

The uncoupled train cars came to a stop 77 feet apart from each other.

Officials say the investigation remains in its early stages. There is no further information at this time.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Officials report an incident between Wheaton and Glenmont that involved the separation of train cars with passengers aboard around 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Courtesy: Pete Piringer

According to officials, a train headed from Wheaton to Glenmont separated at an interlocking area near Glenmont Station. The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue evaluated 12 passengers and one was transported to a medical facility for injuries.

Officials say an 8-car train comprised of all 6000-series cars reported mechanical trouble shortly after departing the Glenmont Metro Station. The train had not yet arrived at its first stop. An investigation by the train operator found that the first and last four cars had separated from each other. Officials say there were no injuries among the 12 passenger aboard the train.  

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