Mental Health Center in Hagerstown hosts its first art show


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The Mental Health Center in Hagerstown recently hosted their very first art show showcasing artwork completed by patients.

Art comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Patients at the mental health facility participated in an art show called “From Darkness into Light”. The pieces were all done on the same type of canvas but each one told a different story.

“Attempted suicide, domestic abuse, childhood trauma, you know really bad things that have happened, we’re trying to pull them out to realize that the past doesn’t have to define the present or the future,” Angela House said, a therapist for the center.

The colors start with darker shades at the bottom and as you move up the painting they get lighter to represent growth from the past. House explains one of the art pieces from a patients point of view as it transitions from darker shades to lighter shades.

“Green represents gradually coming out of the darkness the purple represents all the people who have been there for me reaching out to me and lifting me up and the gold represents peace which is all I want”

The mental health center is always open and urges anyone to seek help if they need it. The art show is one of many outlets the mental health center uses to create change. house says there is a misconception when it comes to mental health.

“A lot of people think to come to therapy you have to be crazy or have a really bad mental health issue and that’s not true you come to therapy because you need to process something you need to adjustment,” House said. The paintings will be displayed for the rest of the month

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