Maryland Symphony Orchestra announces debut recording on major label, organizers say

MSO will record with Grammy award-winning guitarist Sharon Isbin.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - After more than 30 years, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra (MSO) announces debut recording on major label, organizers say.  

A huge breakthrough for the Maryland Symphony Orchestra. After 36 years, the Hagerstown-based group was invited to record "an important new American composition" as part of an album by Grammy Award winning guitarist Sharon Isbin. 

"Sharon came to us and said, I love this orchestra. I think you do fabulous work," said Stephen Beaudoin, Executive Director of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra. "I'm producing a new album on this major label, and I want the Maryland Symphony Orchestra to be a part of it." 

Back in 2015, the orchestra was invited to collaborate and give a world premiere on the piece that Beaudoin says will be called "Affinity."

"This piece marries classical music and jazz, so you get a sense of jazz influences, jazz inflections and also some classical structure and some classic riffs in the mix," said Beaudoin.

The Maryland Symphony includes 80 musicians. For this project, 49 will have the chance to participate in the recording. Beaudoin says it's an honor, and they are just overjoyed to have their music be heard around the globe.  

"This is the fulfillment of a long-held dream for this orchestra. We have a really strong regional identity. A lot of people know us in Hagerstown and Washington County and in the four-state region. With this project, the world's going to know who the Maryland Symphony is," he said.  

Orchestra staff members say they can't reveal which record label they’ve signed with, but this information will be released in the fall. 

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