Maryland residents react to Daylight Saving Time


Apart from Arizona and Hawaii, the majority of the United States woke up Monday morning with one less hour of sleep.

All thanks to Daylight Saving Time (DST) which was an effort proposed back in 1918 to save resources and prolong the work day in the United States during World War I; however, that was over 100 years ago and reasonings have changed.

“I like that the days are longer during the summer and shorter during the winter for the fact that during the winter it’s cold,” said Marvin Frazier, Frederick resident. “And during the summer it’s actually hot and people are able to be outside.”

But apart from enjoying the day, some people are questioning why we still change our clocks twice a year.

“I really should do more a little bit more research to see if there are still benefits as they were in the past,” said Kristen Lowe, Hagerstown resident. “But I’m not aware of current benefits.”

However come November, there is a chance that many of us won’t have to set our clocks to “fall back,” as several states and politicians, including President Trump, have proposed to keep DST permanent.

But whether or not we’ll recognize that the clocks in our cars are different than the time on our phones, people are enjoying the sun.

“I don’t really got no opinion,” said Phillip Gomez, Frederick resident. “But have a great summer and have fun.”

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