Maryland Police stress “Move Over” law after recent work zone highway accident


Highway workers being struck by cars has become a nationwide concern.

Earlier this week, Maryland prison inmates were struck by a tractor trailer on I-70. Maryland State Police are urging drivers to pay more attention.

According to studies in 2017, a work zone crash occurs every five and a half minutes.

The Maryland State Police are now increasingly emphasizing the “move over” law which calls for drivers to move to the next lane if there is a  work zone nearby, or slow down altogether. 

Sergeant DeVaughn Parker says drivers need to respect these work zone areas as they would want their work areas respected.

“What motorists need to do is really look at this and think about their loved ones who could be out there possibly working and to take it serious, to abide by not just the move over law, but all laws. When it comes to the cell phone, put that cell phone down,” Parker said. 

The investigation for the crash on I-70 is still ongoing.

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