Maryland House of Delegates member at White House for President’s acceptance speech


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — President Trump delivers his acceptance speech Thursday night for a second term as the Republican Party nominee. And a Maryland Republican from our region will be in the audience, as history is made.

President Trump accepts the Republican nomination at the White House this evening and among the thousand or so supporters invited to join him on the south lawn is Maryland House of Delegates member Dan Cox from Frederick and Carroll counties, and his wife Valerie.

What does Delegate Cox expect to hear from the president? A contrast between a predicted second Trump term, or an administration led by former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee.

“Biden has promised to eliminate the $5.5 trillion tax cuts that President Trump gave us at a time when we just came through a very difficult coronavirus lockdown,” says Cox, “and we cannot put that burden back on our businesses and families.”

But surrounding tonight’s history-making speech — accepting a party nomination from the White House — is controversy over the president’s official government residence as the backdrop for a political coronation. Vice President Pence was criticized for speaking to GOP delegates from Ft. McHenry this week, a federal property maintained by the National Park Service. Democratic activists, like Mary Ann Keyser of Washington County, think the Trump administration is crossing a line.

“I know the president and the vice president are exempt [from the Hatch Act],’ says Keyser. “But if there were any federal employees within the White House that helped set that up, that could be a violation.”

The Hatch Act is the federal law drawing that line between political activity and official government business. As for Delegate Cox?

“This is President Trump’s home,” says Cox, “and he has a right as a leaseholder, I would say, to invite his supporters in to accept his nomination.”

Delegate Cox predicts that President Trump will overwhelmingly win both the Electoral College and the popular vote this November.

The president’s daughter, Ivanka, is among those featured to address the convention tonight.

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