Mammograms and COVID Vaccines: should you postpone your OBGYN visit after your vaccine?


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Health officials at Meritus Medical Center are advising some women to push back one of their yearly appointments if they recently received their COVID vaccine.

Doctors are advising that women who are due for their annual mammogram around the time of their COVID vaccine should postpone their trip to their obstetrician.

Doctors say it is normal for the lymph nodes in the armpit area to swell following the COVID-19 vaccination. However, this swelling could be an indicator of cancer if it is seen in a screening.

Dr. Arpitha Polagani is an obstetrician-gynecologist at Meritus who is recommending that women who have recently received their vaccine should advise their doctors before potentially proceeding with their screening.

“If you are getting a mammogram just for age-based screening, it’s ok to push that mammogram out for a few weeks, at least for four to six weeks, so that way you don’t have to do additional testing,” Dr. Polagani explained.

However, Dr. Polagani is stressing that if a mammogram was scheduled for a previous abnormal finding from an earlier exam, do not reschedule your appointment regardless of when you received the vaccine.

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