Log jams under stone arch bridges in Washington County


The stone arch bridges in Washington County are not only an attraction that draws people to the area, but they are also points along creeks where trees and other debris gathers. 

Last years increased rainfall led to frequent flooding which increased the log jams at the bridges in our area. 

Debris gets jammed up on the upstream side and is deposited by floodwaters.

The way this material gets built up, acting as a dam by blocking up streams, is a reoccurring problem throughout the county.

The highway department is responsible for the removal of these log jams.

Ryan Eshleman, Director of Public Works for Washington County said, “Over time if it is not removed it will create complete backup. Some of those areas can become so impacted that it will form islands and divert where the water goes.”

The money to remove these logs at the county level comes out of the highway maintenance budget.

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