Locals take flight for the “Open Airplane Afternoon” at the Hagerstown Aviation Museum


National Aviation Day takes flight at the Hagerstown Aviation Museum.

At Hagerstown’s Aviation Museum, onlookers looked ahead waiting their turn for a chance to take the flight of a lifetime. 

“We usually sit outside the gate sometimes and watch if there are any planes taking off,” said Sandy McGowan, a visitor from Greencastle.

Alisha Lavinia says she was lucky to get the chance to see the city from a different standpoint. 

“Absolutely a thrilling experience,” said Lavinia. “Just open in the air up there felt very freeing and beautiful.” 

 Others were able to climb into the historic air crafts, 14 of which were built in Hagerstown such as the iconic Fairchild Aircraft. 

“The interesting thing is there are only a few left in the world that we acquired in 2006,” said John Seburn, President of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum. “It was built here in the old factory in 1948. Was used around the world during its Air Force service. It was used to haul engines for airliners around the world.” 

For some like Bill McGowan, the event is preserving history of those who built the air crafts like his mother. 

“My mother worked for Fairchild and they’re the ones who built the planes. So that brings back a lot of memories,” said McGowan. 

In September, the Hagerstown Aviation Museum will have their next big event, the “Wings and Wheels Expo.” They are currently looking for volunteers. 

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