Locals gathered for a protest at Thomas Kennedy Park in support of black lives


Organizers say they want to spread an important message to the youth about voting

HAGERSTOWN, Md ( WDVM ) — With many injustices happening in society, community members are still rallying together to implement change. 

A protest took place today at Thomas Kennedy Park to show support for black lives. Many people wanted to emphasize the importance of standing unity with the black community.

Participants stated ” George Floyd was accused of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. Breonna Taylor was asleep in her bed. Tamir Rice was playing in a park. We say their names, and the names of so many—too many, to condemn the brutal and deadly racism that exists in the United States.

Protesters marched around Hagerstown chanting for change, and asking members of the community to help them demand change.

” I hope there’s change — not  only for the policy that’s written on paper, but also in people’s minds and hearts. I hope I can change, the way some people think” said Jocelyn Hockaday, protest organizer.

Participants said their main goal is to get community leaders to make a change, and to stand up for the members of the black community.

If your a  community leader, you need to be for the entire community. The community is not just one race it’s multiple races and multiple people, so you need to be for all of them not just one group” said Brynn Dao, event organizer.

Organizers say they want to spread an important message to the youth about voting. They are encouraging the youth to go out and vote, because it will help shape the future for the next generation.

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