Local farm offers a sweet nature-based education program


JEFFERSON, Md. (WDVM) — While summer may be coming to a close, people were able to end it on a sweet note at a local farm in Jefferson, Maryland.

Honey bees play a vital role on any farm and the resident beekeeper at Fox Haven Farm wanted to give people a closer look at what goes into honey production and sustainable beekeeping.

Resident beekeeper Taylor Roman explains that bees are some of the primary pollinators within the ecosystem. Pollinators are organisms that transfer pollen from one flower to the next which allows the plants to produce seeds and regerminate. Roman provided families not only with a honey tasting including different national and international varieties, he also walked them through the history of the food, which dates back to Ancient Egypt.

Roman also highlighted that Fox Haven Farm has 6 hive boxes that produce local honey which is harvested each spring. He lets the bees produce honey all through the summer and fall so they can stay alive during the winter, then whatever is leftover, he collects and sells. Roman says he likes keeping bees around the orchard to help guarantee pollination of the apple trees, making sure they yield the maximum amount of fruit each harvest.

Roman is more than willing to teach people about sustainable beekeeping at Fox Haven Farm because he wants people to understand the ecosystem and everything that contributes to it.

“Today’s class was a perfect example of how we love to give people hands-on experiences to see natural systems and agriculture in action so that you actually know this is what it takes to grow your food,” Roman said.

Ryan Emery and his daughter Leigh attended the beekeeping and honey production class as part of her homeschooling curriculum. The hands-on nature of Fox Haven’s program was a huge draw for the at-home educator. Leigh was excited to learn about the bees and how Roman takes care of them but was equally as excited to try all of the different honey samples.

“So inside the classroom is great, you can learn all the stuff we heard today,” Emery said. “But physically seeing the bees, tasting the honey gets that additional hands-on experience.”

Fox Haven Farm also offers herb garden tours and other nature-based educational programs. For more information, please visit their website.

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