Local businesses are utilizing Pokemon Go to attract customers


In Shepherdstown, the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop bakery is a popular pokestop destination. Ana Prillanan is a Barista at the store and says people of all ages have been coming in just to play Pokemon Go, which has helped their business.

“We’ve had a lot of people ask could you stay open later we’d love to come and sit outside longer work and we can’t really do that, but we wish we could,” said Prillanan.

The store is located in the middle of three pokestop destinations on West German Street, making it one of the most popular places to go in town. Outside the store Tuesday were a group of friends from Faith Christian Academy who decided the bakery is a great place to play Pokemon Go.  

“This location is great for catching pokemon because you got three stops in one area and you can catch some very rare ones you normally don’t see when walking around,” said Shawn Brown, a Harpers Ferry resident.

“Coming to find out it’s a pokestop, so we stopped here placed our lures down so Pokemon could come to us and we’re just hanging out and having fun,” said Bradley Kisner.

Another popular pokestop destination is right here in Hagerstown at Burkett’s Deli. Staff says they laid down a lure earlier hoping to attract more customers.

Charles Burkett is the owner, he says he and his employees are having fun playing the game. He and staff laid the lure at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Burkett says he’s not sure how his deli became a pokestop, but is hoping it brings in more customers in the future. 

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