Lendingtree data analyst found that Maryland is one of the highest states having trouble paying rent.


( WDVM ) — The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many people’s lives, especially those who are out of work or have been otherwise financially affected.

Rent is often the largest expense for many Americans, and with the financial burden our economy is facing, many people are struggling.

A team of anayast found that some Maryland residents are having the most trouble paying rent.

According to a team of analysts at Lendingtree data, Maryland is second in our ranking of states where Americans are deferring rent the most.

The data showed about 4.9 percent of  renters deferred their  rent last month, and the data also showed the  average rent in maryland costs $1,371 dollars per month, so if 4.9 percent of renters deferred rent, the total amount deferred is more than 82 million dollars.

” It’s a whole knock on effects that could be really bad, which is why we’ve seen the federal government step in so much to try and secure spending.” said  Derek Miller, Senior Research Analyst at LendingTree.

Analysts are advising renters who are having trouble paying to contact your landlord immediately and set up a written  payment plan.

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